Monday, September 24, 2007

How I Met Your Mother: Wait For It


Soooo glad HIMYM is back! I now feel like my life is whole again. Actually not quite, I'm a bit more sane than that but I'm still very happy the show is back for a third season. For those of you who watched the season finale last year, you remember that the show left off with Barney mid-sentence; he was telling Ted that their upcoming adventures out on the town would be "Legen..."

So the third season picked up right where the second season left off, with Barney saying "...dary." Only on this show are the writers that clever to end the season mid-word and start the next season with the end of the word. I don't think I've ever seen something like that before. This speaks volumes about how great this show is and why you should be watching it if you haven't been already.

Basically, this episode dealt with the post-break-up issues between Robin and Ted. It had to happen so why not get it out of the way early on in the season. The break-up beard was so funny and completely something I would do myself. It's great how Ted has so many eccentricities that come out when he's in the most emotional turmoil. Then again I'm always rooting for him to work stuff out so I'm not really sure what that'll get me. The classic Ted-Barney back and forth was also a big part of the episode but not as funny as usual. Hopefully we can chalk that up to the writers needing to finish the Ted-Robin break-up story fast.

As the episode went on we got nothing short of everything we expect from HIMYM. We had laughs (the butterfly tattoo on Ted's lower back; a.k.a. "The Tramp Stamp"), romantic drama (Teds' irrational yelling and Robin's heartfelt confession), and Barney's classic lines ("This is totally going in my blog!"). What's new though were the big name guest stars. Not only does HIMYM not usually have big names stars period, which made this new and interesting, but they had TWO tonight - Mandy Moore and Enrique Iglesias. Both did a decent job, I think Enrique was a bit better than Mandy though. I didn't really see her as the bad-ass girl with tattoos; it really didn't do all that much for me. Enrique, on the other hand, did a pretty good job convincing us of his character and was actually a little funny. Although I could have done without the cheesy serenading moment.

Couple last minute points: 1) I want to know what the other 31 vehicles you could have sex in or on are and 2) Is the tattoo really permanent or was it a Henna? Also, the slap bet countdown link Marshall sent Barney was great!! Classic HIMYM and I can't wait to see how Marshall gets him around November. Oh and by the way, Robin was a genius, guys always feel better if they know they're "bigger."

At the very end of the episode we finally get to see who Ted ends up marrying, even if it was just the top of her yellow umbrella as she walked down the street. But we now know she has a pair of grey pants, a black coat, and what her sneakers look like. I'm hoping we get a little more info on who she is as the season goes on. Please watch this show next week if you're not watching already, I guarantee you'll love it as much as I do. If you have time check out the Have You Met Ted? blog of a friend of mine. It's great and in addition to my reviews here you can get some clips and show info from there.

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