Tuesday, November 27, 2007

House: You Don't Want To Know


This was definitely one of the better "House" episodes. Tonight, we saw House take on a magician and come out on top; yet still without any inside information on how the magician was able to perform any of the tricks. It's sort of how House operates so he shouldn't be too peeved when he wasn't able to find out the secret to the tricks. He always performs these procedures and tests on patients resulting in diagnoses that no one else could figure out and he never reveals how he does it. Obviously we know the tricks because we see behind the scenes but for the patients it's like watching a magician do magic right in front of you.

The magician was actually pretty cool and I was really hoping to see how he was going to escape the underwater trick. Too bad he ended up bleeding through his nose and going unconscious in the middle. At least we found out how he was going to escape; he had the key hidden in his mouth. Unfortunately for him in all the commotion of you know, almost dieing, he forgot he swallowed the key which then ripped through his internal organs when he was brought to the MRI machine. Moron. This was probably something he should have tried to remember. It's bad enough that you almost died performing the trick but you survive and then almost kill yourself by forgetting something as simple as a key in your stomach; not too smart.

Aside from the magician we had another pretty big story line develop during this episode. Apparently, Thirteen's mother and grandmother both died of Huntington's disease. Basically, (and for those of you who watched "Everwood" you know this already) it's a degenerative disease that effects the brain and can strike at anytime. You slowly lose all function over your brain and you turn into a vegetable. It's a horrible disease and House started to notice symptoms in Thirteen; or rather he manufactured them. It was actually a terrible thing to do given her state of mind but when she dropped a folder House noticed she freaked out even though it was just a natural drop, nothing to do with Huntington's. So he switched out the caffinated coffee with decaf and when she unknowingly went through caffeine withdrawal and her hands shook she started to freak out. Actually, I'd like to restate my point of view, it wasn't just terrible, it was downright evil of him. When he found out it was Huntington's and not Parkinson's she was worried about at least he showed some sympathy. It just goes to show how awful this disease is; no one should ever have to go through that. The only problem was, as usual, House wouldn't leave it alone and he tested her DNA without her permission to determine if she had the disease. Her explanation about why she didn't want to know was very touching and I think it really hit home with House. Since he didn't look and now that we know all this about Thirteen, it's pretty much a safe bet that she's going to be around for a long while.

For a little fun in all the drama, House decreed that whoever obtained Cuddy's panties would be able to nominate two other interns for elimination. A very ingenious idea if you ask me and especially hilarious. Shockingly it was the Mormon who got the panties! I couldn't believe it and I guess neither could House. He realized that the only reason he got them was because he teamed up with Cuddy. The idea was that by him winning he would nominate Kutner for elimination, which Cuddy was very happy to see because she believes he's a liability given all his mishaps over the last couple months. The only thing Cole didn't realize was that the one person house always wants to beat is Cuddy and by teaming up with her, he did exactly what got him fired - he made a pact with the devil. So goodbye to the moron, you will certainly be missed for all the sarcastic jokes House made at your expense.

Yet another fantastic episode from "House" and I will certainly enjoy every minute we have until the episodes run out. Until next week, enjoy the review!

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Jessica said...

He switched the decaf coffee and gave her regular. She never drank caffine so it made her super jittery and shake, not the other way around.